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Jacksonville Septic Tank Pumping & Repair

The Eagerton name has been associated with the highest quality home and business services in North Florida since 1954. We are a family owned Jacksonville Septic Tank Pumping & Repair Business and operate and serve Duval County, Clay County, and parts of Nassau and St Johns Counties. We are firm believers that honesty and hard work should drive any business and pride ourselves in following that belief through every job we do.

We offer repair for broken septic lids, septic pump outs, septic tank inspections, lift station cleaning, and riser installment in the Jacksonville area.

We look forward to the opportunity to help you with your septic tank needs!

We Can Help With These Services

Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning

Keep your septic tank system running smoothly with professional cleaning and pumping services from Eagerton’s Septic Tank Pumping in Jacksonville, FL. 

Septic Tank Lid Repair

If your septic tank lid is cracked, corroded, or showing signs of damage, it’s crucial to address the issue promptly to prevent further problems. 

Septic Tank Inspections

Our experienced team can diagnose potential problems before they cause major damage, ensuring the longevity of your septic system. 

Lift Station Cleaning

Looking for professional lift station cleaning services in Jacksonville, FL? Look no further than Eagerton’s Septic Tank Pumping. 

Lift Station Pump Outs

Whether you require routine pump outs or emergency services, we are committed to delivering exceptional results. 

Riser Installation

At Eagerton’s Septic Tank Pumping, we offer reliable riser installation services in Jacksonville, FL. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing the highest quality home and business services in North Florida since 1954. 

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Pumping and Cleaning

Do your drains seem to be slow?  Are you hearing a gurgling sound in your pipes?  Or maybe you are experiencing a foul odor inside or outside of your home.  It’s likely your septic tank needs pumping.  Our trucks have the newest and most efficient equipment in the septic tank pumping business, and you can rest assured we can take care of your issues quickly and without a headache.

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Prevent a septic tank issue before it happens! Most local health departments require homeowners to ensure proper maintenance of their septic tank system in order to increase its lifespan, as well as to protect groundwater from deadly contaminants.  Let Eagerton’s Septic Tank Pumping diagnose your problem before its starts.

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If your septic tank lid is cracked or crushed, or is showing signs of corrosion, it is time for a septic tank lid repair.  A damaged septic tank can cause a number of different issues including the release of bacteria, nitrogen and other viruses to come to the surface and into groundwater sources. 

Emergency Services Available!